What is smart DNS and how to use smart DNS.

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What is smart DNS and how to use smart DNS?

In this article, we will see what is smart DNS and how smart DNS works, and how we can use it, this massive internet here daily inentng many internet things and we need to take information about that.

What is smart DNS
Smart DNS

What is Smart DNS?

Smart DNS is a fast new service that duplicates many of the original VPN features, but without loss of high speed. It allows access to blocked websites in different Countries without even having to dial a VPN connection. You just surf the web as normal, but without limitations. Great for accessing any blocked sites from work or making your IP address anonymous.

How to use Smart DNS?

It’s very simple to use Smart DNS – no software or long installation is required. Most Smart-DNS works with Windows, OSX, iPhone, iPad, AppleT V, Wii, PS3, XBOX360, and more! Quick and Easy Instant Access. Virtually every streaming service you can imagine! All popular sites will work right away, some unknown sites will need to be added for the first time, most Smart DNS services will be able to do it within 24 hours.

How Fast is Smart DNS?

As fast as your internet connection! If your ISP will support it, then HD video is not a problem at all! It’s quite simple, it just works!

Smart DNS or VPN?

Both are good choices, but which is for you? Smart DNS if you only need access to streaming video or audio websites at the ultimate possible high speed, Global VPN if you require encrypted access to all websites and protocols (Skype/MSN) via your choice of Country! You can choose to connect to almost 50 countries.

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