Download Background Lord Krishna Wallpapers HD 4k for Android and iOS smartphones.

Download Background Lord Krishna Wallpapers HD 4k for Android and iOS smartphones.

Here is a Best collection of 50+ Background Lord Krishna Wallpapers HD 4K for Android and iOS smartphones. We hope you will like our best collection of  HD 4k wallpapers and set as smartphone background wallpaper and home screen background.

Who is Lord Krishna? Brief introduction.

Lord Krishna is a supernatural human on earth as Hinduism. He worshiped as eighth avatar of Vishnu.
He is god of protection, compassion, tenderness and love. Lord Krishna is a super human by Hindu and Hinduism. Krishna is also known among very clever people. Lord Krishna was born in the prison of Mathura and was brought up in Gokul. It is said that Lord Krishna was very intelligent and about 4500 years ago Lord Krishna Get the Mahabharata done, he got the Mahabharata done for the victory of religion over unrighteousness, in which he was also successful, people also know Krishna by the name of “Makhan Chor”.

Lord Krishna is seen in this dress that he is wearing a yellow colored dhoti below and yellow on top, people know him as pitambara. Lord Krishna is popular with many childhood things about Lord Krishna such as Lord Krishna was very playful in his childhood, used to have a lot of fun with the gopis of Gokul and there are such stories of his childhood which a common man finds impossible to do.
Lord Krishna is also known as Lord himself Lord Krishna is also known as Vamana avatar of Vishnu and Radha Krishna The main places of Lord Krishna are Gokul, Vaikunth, Vrindavan and Dwarka Lord Krishna’s main weapon and scripture is Sudarshan Chakra. Although Lord Krishna fought many wars, but his main war is Kurukshetra war, which we also know as Mahabharata, Lord Krishna’s ride is Garuda.
Lord Krishna Wallpapers HD
Lord Krishna Wallpapers HD
Lord Krishna Wallpapers HD
Lord Krishna Wallpapers HD
weeping lord krishna
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Lord Krishna Wallpapers HD
Lord Krishna Wallpapers HD
baal Lord Krishna Wallpapers HD
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Krishna Amoled d9616463 be97 40fc b02a c0d940f4fec4
Krishna Baalroop c7c1663a b4d4 4d16 aa08 d6667d0f187c
Krishna hd ab93384d b6db 4f16 99ca dd84d7a48cea
Krishna with stickers
Little Krishna d2d8c84b b72b 3222 8bf5 1a7fbe276d24
Lord Krishna 0dcad615 1684 430a 8bb9 70e6b649f83b
Lord Krishna 6c9a662a cda9 4542 a4cf 9e8742346697
Lord krishna 40fd396c 0861 49ee aab4 76915d8c9316
Lord Krishna 47efedb9 2a11 4e62 9b91 7f2a1236b62f
Lord krishna 223de791 2eed 4e8f 88d1 2341a979d751
Lord Krishna 637dc927 5a1f 4956 9947 0b66f637c1a6
Lord Krishna 1016ae55 5665 4ddf 9915 7e59c1da2fa8
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Lord Krishna 8954ce58 2abe 4dd9 a40e dbf38a4cac39
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Lord Krishna c881017f 49d9 4190 b423 a0a588a23283
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Lord Krishna dc260eb8 fbde 480f ae0d 9426b186b5da
Lord Krishna e57b9bc2 1ecd 43b0 8f02 cb253a791712
Lord Krishna 9ba41f79 6b9b 41f6 ab3b 0797b96d88f7
Lord Krishna 93fa2832 4f80 4ef5 af99 374dd97ce80f
Lord Krishna with stickers
Raadhe raadhe 5fe81b37 7037 46f4 950a 31c343ee9d39
Radhe Krishna 9e8a2c21 0c12 474e beab a76cfeb2a949
Radhe Radhe a27b8119 c390 4606 a1fc 5e67a1f3ce67
Shree Krishna 792fa3ac 2b1f 423f bcd0 e2bb6d4e0e41
Shree Krishna 618827e1 de5c 4177 8567 861a296ddc7b
Shri Krishna 87622d6e aa70 4cba b7c7 6eed5f55730f
Sri Krishna 40a9ce65 4d87 4c79 bea4 4877839f68df
Sri Krishna 869264b2 d717 46e3 8728 89202820f6c4


Lord Krishna Famous Puranas and festivals.

The Puranas of Lord Krishna are as follows Bhagwat Purana, Harivamsa, Vishnu Purana, Bhagwat Gita of Mahabharata, Brahma Vaivarta Purana. Some of the festivals celebrated for Lord Krishna are Krishna Janmashtami, Holi, Gopashtami, Govardhan Puja, Kartik Purnima, Sharad Purnima. , and it is lathmar holi

Lord Krishna real parents and cousins.

Lord Krishna’s mother is Devaki and his father is Vasudeva, Lord Krishna’s foster mother is Yashoda and her father is Nand.
Lord Krishna had one brother and two sisters. Lord Krishna’s brother’s name was Balarama and two sisters were named Subhadra and Yogmaya.


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