How to Reduce Belly Fat 100% life-changing Tips.

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How to Reduce Belly Fat 100% life-changing Tips.

Today I will be talking about How to reduce belly fat treatment which is the fat deposits around the belly/stomach area I will tell you about How to lose belly fat. A lot of people are quite fit and fat-free in the rest of their body but only their stomach area gets fat deposits this often happens to women after delivery And many young people,

both men and women get fat deposits or “tyres of fat” around their entire belly area Also, a lot of people are just generally obese or fat and fat deposits on the belly cause their stomach to look even bigger and more fatty.

How to Reduce Belly Fat
How to Reduce Belly Fat

Because there are no bones in the stomach area, so the muscles of the abdomen do not have a lot of supporting structure and so there are fat deposits on the stomach area, as well as inside the stomach, which cause the muscles to become stressed and loose.

Causes of belly fat:

And this causes the stomach to develop into a sort of “beer belly” Once the stomach area becomes fatty or obese, clothes get pretty tight around the abdomen and the body begins to look out of shape.

But the important point to note over here is that both inside and outside the stomach, accumulation of fat can lead to Type II Diabetes as well as the risk of heart ailments and diseases.

Now if you have to reduce your belly fat then you will have to implement 2-3 different methods together You will have to eat and drink certain things and some things you have to stop completely or reduce eating and drinking. And you will have to tighten the stomach muscles by working out or exercising.

How to Reduce Belly Fat:

Eat fiber-rich Food:

So to reduce the belly fat/fat deposits on the stomach you should, firstly, eat those things which are rich in fiber and low in fat.

The first of these things is Flax Seeds, the easiest way to consume flax seeds should be lightly roast and then ground in an electric mixer and then stored in a glass container.

While you are eating food, you can add this mixture to your lentils OR dal one teaspoon of Flax Seeds to 1 bowl of lentils is an ideal ratio.

Eat Salad, Sprouts and consume less ghee and oil:

Reduce OR lose belly fat

The second thing you must do is consume sprouts 
along with your seasonal salad every day. The third thing you must do is to reduce the number of fats in food by way of oil, ghee, etc. 

At the same time, you should increase the intake of proteins. The best food proteins for this purpose are whole lentils, kidney beans, chickpeas, fish, and egg whites. Increasing the quantity of these food items in your diet is good.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar:


The fourth thing to do is to consume 15-20 ml 
of Apple Cider Vinegar every day. This is basically 2-3 tablespoons of ACV. You can have this mixed in plain water. Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar regularly like this reduces the fat deposits inside the stomach and digestive organs. 

Plus, it also helps to reduce blood sugar in case you are suffering from diabetes.

Consume CURD And Green Tea:

You must add curd to your daily diet. Because the bacteria present in curd helps to prevent the build-up of fat deposits on the stomach. Next, you should have a cup of Green Tea every night before going to sleep or after dinner. This also helps to eliminate the fat deposits in the stomach area.

Intermittent Fasting coupled with exercise:

But the fastest and most effective method to reduce belly fat is Intermittent Fasting coupled with exercise. Intermittent fasting basically means fasting regularly, in intervals.

This can be done in a few different methods, Once or twice a week you can fast for the entire day. Or you can fast daily for a period of 16 hours which amounts to eating food properly a maximum of two meals per day, in an 8-hour period. 

The first meal can be around 8-9 AM and the second one can be after 7-8 hours, which is around 3 or 4 PM. After this, do not eat anything at all till the next day morning. 

If you feel hungry at night, then you can have a cup of warm milk with 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon powder added to it. The cinnamon powder reduces belly fat and mixing it with milk also gives one good sleep Slowly, you will be used to eating just two times per day. And the accumulated belly fat will start disappearing.

Consume Less trans fat oils in food and Daily Exercise:


exercise fitness belly fat How to Reduce Belly Fat

In order to reduce belly fat, 
it is best to cook your food in Coconut Oil, Groundnut Oil, or Sesame Seed Oil. This is because these oils do not contain any Trans Fats Along with all these dietary changes, if you do some form of exercise such as calisthenics or weight lifting then it will go a long way in reducing fat and strengthening your abdominal muscles. 

Those who do not want to do weight lifting or calisthenics can benefit a lot by simply doing 2-3 KM’s of Brisk Walking every day Implementing all these techniques will surely reduce your belly fat.

Now let’s talk about those things which add to the fat deposits on your stomach and the first of these is food items that contain Trans Fats When vegetable oil is “Hydrogenated” they turn into what is known as “Trans Fats” .

And most of the snack food items sold in the market, such as Cakes, Biscuits, Popcorn, Pizza, Rolls, and Doughnuts are basically cooked/fried in Trans Fats only, and eating a lot of these items causes fat deposits to build up in the belly area.

Don’t Consume Alcohol:

The second thing that causes fatty deposits to build up in the belly is alcoholic drinks, The important point to note here is that the people who drink 30/60 ml of alcohol a day do not usually suffer from this problem of fatty buildup.

But those people who drink only 2-3 times a week but go on a drinking binge each time they drink almost always suffer from belly fat build-up (beer gut) and also go on to have problems such as Blood Pressure, Hyper Tension, and heart ailments. This method also really helps you to know How to Reduce Belly Fat.

Don’t take Stress:

The third factor that causes belly fat buildup is stress or anxiety and tension. If a person is stressed most of the time, then the body produces steroid hormones in order to reduce the stress, and the resulting increase of steroid hormones in the blood is a causative factor in the build-up of fatty deposits in the belly area. 

Ladies tend to suffer from this problem more than men because they are often under a lot of stress due to their responsibilities.

Consume Less Sugar:

sugar How to Reduce Belly Fat

The fourth major cause of belly fat is the consumption of too much sugar If you eat less than 50gm of sugar in a day then you will not suffer from the problem of excess belly fat

that is why you must try to avoid Soft Drinks, Milkshakes, and Packaged Juices. Drinking plain water or lemon water is best to quench your thirst Now, so far I have told you all that you should do to reduce your belly fat as well as all that you should not do.

Take Duromine or Phentermine 30mg Capsules:

Now, besides these things, there are also medicines to reduce belly fat. The most commonly used tablet among these medicines is called Duromine or Phentermine 30mg Capsules, but these are usually very expensive and end up costing around 4000 to 5000 rupees for 30 capsules, plus these capsules are not sold without a doctor’s prescription. 

Cool Sculpting or Fat Freezing Treatment:

There is another fast method to get rid of belly fat which is known as Cool Sculpting or Fat Freezing In this method a cold Gel Pack is kept on the fatty area and the fat cells thus get frozen by the cold gel pack and are then removed by means of suction.

Liposuction Surgery:

Now, last but not the least if after trying all these methods, you are still unable to reduce your belly fat then you can go in for Liposuction Surgery In this method, the areas that are fatty are identified, and then a strategic cut is made in the area out through which the fat cells are sucked out by a suction machine. 

After the suction process is complete, a tight bandage is tied over the area for about 6 weeks so that there is no fluid buildup and/or infection in the area of the skin which is now empty of fat. This procedure is done only in hospitals or certified clinics.

And depending on how much surface area of the skin the fat has been removed from, this procedure can cost anything from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 5,00,000.


Here we learn How to Reduce Belly Fat in a very short time if you do follow these you will definitely be able to lose or reduce belly fat which you can apply in your routine, I hope this article helps you.
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