How to open Banned websites on smartphones 100% working.

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you how to open Banned websites on smartphones and banned websites in India. Learn about how to access or open blocked or banned websites using your android smartphone using UFO VPN.

What is a Banned or Blocked Website?

In the growing internet and digital world, many websites like fraud, hacking, porn, and many sensitive websites are found. And when these websites are closed by the country’s government (country government), SIM OPERATOR, and other servers of the country, then we only know them by the name of the BLOCKED or BANNED website.

Reasons for having a WEBSITE BAN:

The main reason for the BAN of these websites is that they are more sensitive than necessary. Due to this, the national interest can suffer a lot (FRAUD, HACKING, etc. and many other websites are there).

All these BANNED websites have USEFUL websites:

When it is done at our destination, then that thing is good, but sometimes we have to go to those banned websites. So today we will discuss this thing and find out its solution.

How to open Banned websites on smartphones?

  1. First, you have to install UFO VPN From Google Play Store
    How to open Banned websites
  2. Now open the Installed UFO VPN application on your Smartphone Then you can choose any server by which country want to access that website then select any one server


  3. After choosing a server you can click on UFO Logo, when you click on it, it will connect you to that server and you will be able to access banned or blocked websites in your country.


  4. Hereafter, you are able to access the banned or blocked websites in your country. If this manually not working then you can do it automatically.
  5. In the server option, You can choose Fastest server and then click on the UFO logo this method will give you best fastest server according to your region then you can access all blocked websites quickly.


Here is how to open banned websites on smartphones by using a play store application called (UFO VPN). If you have any questions, you can ask me in the comment section.

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