5 Eye-opening benefits of Abroad Tour.

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5 Eye-opening benefits of Abroad Tour.

benefits of Abroad Tour
benefits of Abroad Tour

5 Eye-opening benefits of Abroad Tour.Today we will talk about the Eye-opening benefits of Abroad Tour and how it will help you to become successful in life.

If you’re thinking what are benefits of a foreign tour then Today we will talk about the benefits of Abroad Tour and how it works in life.

The benefits of Abroad Tour:

Helps you find your-self

Think about it. If you’re like me, you grew up surrounded by American culture. You instinctively knew what was inappropriate, what was important, and what was expected.

Society pushed you in a certain direction: go to school, get a job, find a partner, buy a house, have kids, etc.

and your mannerisms developed to allow you to fit in (mostly) with that culture. Imagine being placed in another culture with no concept of those basic expectations.

What does it take to get respect here? What is considered offensive? And then the even bigger question comes into focus, how do I fit into this new culture without losing what makes me, me.

I have battled a lot with this question over the past couple of months. How can I, as a vegan, non-christian, fit into a meat-eating, 90% Christian culture without changing who I am?

I’ll let you know when I figure it out. This is the most benefits of Abroad Tour.

Forces you to get creative:

The things that I used to be able to find in the states are just not available here. Food is a great example of this. Tortillas are a rare find in stores here, but you know what is easily found? Flour.

With a little effort and determination, voilà, you can make your own flour tortillas! Money is also a bit tight as a Peace Corps volunteer.

Can’t sleep because it is so hot, but also can’t afford an air conditioner? Time to get creative! Wetting (with water) my sheets before bed is a personal favorite.

Makes you more grateful for the things you left behind:

Statements that are most commonly uttered by Peace Corps Namibia Volunteers: I miss vegetables, cold showers are kind of nice, YAY – a letter from home, and I miss the rain.

A lot of the little, everyday things that seemed mundane and boring at the time now seem wonderful and nostalgic.

Rainy days, fall foliage, hot showers, and being in the same time zone as a family all have much greater importance now and will not be taken for granted upon returning home, and this is force to think about benefits of Abroad Tour.

Allows you to accept change more easily:

When you are taken out of your comfort zone and thrown into a foreign situation, you have to learn to accept the change, or you will have a terrible time. Coming to Namibia, I knew that I would be losing most of what I called home.

I gave up my car, my apartment for two years, and my job, and I left all of my friends. Instead of focusing on the past and how much I miss my old comforts, I had to accept that some things will never be the same.

Life will go on back at home, and I won’t be there to see it. It is for sure a sacrifice, but it will allow me to be a better person when I return. By this, we understand the benefits of Abroad Tour.

Forces you to reevaluate your priorities:

When you are traveling with only the items that you can carry, you quickly realize what you can and cannot live without. Choosing which items are essential is really difficult when you are packing for an extended period of time.

Should I bring a skateboard even though I may not have paved roads? Will I want to play guitar in the next two years? These were honestly very difficult questions that took a lot of back and forth before making a final decision.

What do I really need? What can I live without? In the end, you bring what you can, you feel like you don’t have enough, and once you get where you are going, you just make it work and realize that,

when it comes to material items, none of it really mattered in the first place and this is the benefits of Abroad Tour.

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